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ORDER AT LEAST 48 HRS AHEAD (10-50 people).
Advance notice required for larger parties.​


FRI  12 PM  —  5 PM

SAT 12 PM  —  7 PM

SUN 12 PM  —  4 PM



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Avenues of the Caribbean (AOC) is a drop-off Caribbean catering service in Washington D.C. At AOC, our mission is to serve the richness and versatility of the Caribbean through a selective & carefully curated menu.  Our menu features authentic and fusion Caribbean dishes with a strong Haitian influence. Let us feed you and be your Avenue to the Caribbean! Your taste buds will thank you for it.

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About Us


Catering Packages


/36 per person

(a) Two Bases (b) One Topping (c) One Salad (d) One Extra.

Feeds 10 people 


/34 per person

(a) Two Bases (b) Two Toppings

(c) One Side/Salad (d) One Extra

Feeds 20 people


/32 per person

(a) Two Bases (b) Three Toppings

(c) Two Sides/Salads (d) Two Extras

Feeds 40-45 people

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À la Carte Catering 


Salmon Caribe    / 189

Thick and juicy salmon marinated and baked in a tomato based & citrus lemon butter sauce. 

Feeds 10 people 


Curry Shrimp    / 138

Scrumptious shrimp cooked in a lightly spiced creamy coconut curry sauce. Best served with white rice.

Feeds 10-12 people

Stewed Oxtail    /  148

Succulent bone-in oxtail chunks & carrots in a delicious sweet & savory stew.

Feeds 10 people 


Stew Chicken    /  99

Our poule en sauce or stewed chicken is rich in flavor and prepared with mixed bell peppers, onions and tomatoes.
Feeds 10 people 

Griot/ Pork Nuggets    /  99

Marinated in a spicy & citrus infused blend, these tender pork shoulder nuggets (griot) absorb a lot flavor before they are fried to golden perfection and crunchy goodness. Sauce & pikliz (spicy coleslaw) served on the side.


Feeds 10 people 


Baked Ziti    /  70

This ziti is baked in a four cheeses béchamel sauce forming soft cheese clusters that will melt in your mouth with every bite. 

Feeds 10-12 people 

Crispy Snapper    /  199

Created with seafood lovers in mind, our crispy snapper is aromatic and denotes the bold flavors of the islands. The dish is topped with carrots, green peppers and crunchy purple onions.

Feeds 10 people 


Jerk Chicken /   88

Add some zing to your life & game day with our finger-licking jerk chicken.


Feeds 10 people 

Veggie Medley    /  145

Haitian legume is a vegetable medley comprised of chayotes (Mexican squash), cabbage, peas & carrots. The veggies are slow cooked to a soft consistency, then sautéed and seasoned to bring out their delicious flavor. Best served over white rice.
Feeds 10 people 

Rasta Pasta   /  95

This Rasta Pasta platter is rich, savory and smooth! It is prepared with mild jerk spice, heavy cream, colorful sweet peppers & a protein of your choosing. You may not be in the Caribbean but you will be transported. 

Feeds 10-12 people 


Black Rice    /  70

Black mushroom rice (riz djon-djon) is a traditional Haitian rice dish that is fragrant & flavorsome, often making it the star food item at every party. 

Feeds 10-12 people 


Rice & Beans    /  48

Prepared with pinto beans, this rice & beans dish is hearty and makes a great base or side dish. 

Feeds 10-12 people 


Rice & Green Peas    /  48

If you’re a “peas” person, we can assure you, you’ll love our rice & green peas!

Feeds 10-12 people 


White Rice    /  30

White rice shouldn’t be boring; that’s why ours is fried with scallions and coined “good rice” by our clients.
Feeds 15 people 



Pasta Salad    / 40

Add some color to your plate and palette with this tasty tri-color rotini pasta salad. 

Feeds 10 people


Garden Salad    /  45

Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and purple onions on a bed of greens. Dressing served on the side.

Feeds 10 people



Steamed Jamaican Cabbage    / 35

Enjoy the sweet and mild crunch of our steamed cabbage and carrots. It is a light but filling
add-on to any dish.

Feeds 10 people



Fried Plantain    /  27

Our green plantains are soaked in salt water before they are fried, making them crunchier on the outside and moist on the inside. Served with sauce on the side. 

Feeds 10-15 people



Pikliz    /  5

Haitian pikliz is a very spicy slaw made with cabbage, carrots, shallots, scotch bonnet peppers pickled in vinegar and lime juice. It is best paired with green plantains & griot (pork nuggets) but goes well with everything.
4 oz




"The food was flavorful and delicious! Can't wait to try some of the other dishes from Avenues of the Caribbean. Thanks!"


"The food was delicious. Every dish was very flavorful and well-made. Compliments to the chef!"


"The dishes I've had were great! Poule en sauce, baked ziti, veggie medley and rice w/ green peas. Definitely a hit in the office. Look forward to trying more."


"We totally enjoyed the chicken stew with rice and peas. I must say that was the best rice I ever had and the chicken stew was so well seasoned. Cannot wait to place my next order. Amazing thumbs up!"


"Everything was amazing last night!  Food was outstanding !!  Thank you so much!! We will do it again!"


"AOC has a great team delivering amazing food. Their food presentation is impeccable. I would highly recommend them!"


"The food was amazing!!! I really enjoyed it! I would recommend trying the black rice. Yum yum"


We serve Caribbean food and provide drop-off catering services to:

Washington, DC | Maryland | Northern Virginia

*Please reach out to us for service outside of these areas

Contact us at (844) 262-8277


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