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This is your wedding. Invite the people you want. Dance to the songs that bring you the most joy. Eat the best food you'll ever have. Enjoy all the moments...

Caribbean cuisine is appealing to many people and is truly international cuisine because of the influences from Taino/Arawak Indians (indigenous people of the Caribbean), Africans, Asians (Indian and Chinese), Europeans, and Arabs. With such a rich gastronomical tapestry and presence, it's no wonder why so many couples choose Caribbean food as their cuisine of choice for their nuptials. As your caterer, we seek to provide a menu that demonstrates this vastness in culture and the cheerful ambiance that only Caribbean food can bring. In many ways, the food served at your wedding will define your big day and the events surrounding it, so it is important that the menu reflects your taste and care for your guests.

Catering Style:
Currently, AOC only offers buffet-style catering. This meal style offers the most variety for your guests, making it particularly desirable if you want a wide range of dishes or have picky eaters. Not only is this option the most flexible and cost-effective, it also affords the bride and groom more time to focus on their wedding planning details.

Food Quote:
To receive an accurate quote for your wedding reception, please complete the contact form here and we will follow up on your request. Please keep in mind that the catering package rates in our menu apply and only decrease when the party size reaches 100 people or more. Special requests may result in an increase in food costs.

Out-of-State & Destination Weddings:

We are based in the Washington, DC metro area, but we will consider weddings throughout the continental US and abroad. Again, please include this information in the contact form and we will follow-up on your request.

Pick Up & Delivery:

We serve Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Orders are available for pickup and delivery. The delivery fee is determined by the distance traveled.

We Cater:
Engagement Parties
Bridal Showers
Bachelor Parties
Bachelorette Parties
Bridal Luncheons
Welcome Parties
Wedding Receptions
Farewell Brunches

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